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Photo Booth Events


We hope you've enjoyed our services as much as we've enjoyed photographing your beautiful family:

Celena and Mauricio Wedding


Hanna Communion

HS Employee Luncheon


Ariana's Baby Shower


Adventist H-S 2017

Gabriela - Miguel Wedding

Highland Oaks


Adrian 6th

El Louie

Jeremy 2017

Aleena 4th

Abel 75th

Vanessa Quince

Tiffany and Daniel's Wedding

Ariana 15th Birthday

Mose Wedding

Celis Wedding

Angelo and Krista Wedding

Destiny's 18th Birthday pt 2

Destiny's 18th Birthday pt 1

Portia's 3rd Birthday

David Brambila's 18th Birthday

Bautista Wedding

Taylor Wedding

Nathalie 16th Birthday

Luna's 13th Birthday

Bree Wedding

Lilly's 5th Birthday

Letty Montanez 50th Birthday






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Adventist Health Services 2016

LB Surgical Center

HS 2016

250th US Army

Mackie Wedding

James Wedding

Monica Joy

Denise and Luis

Andi's 60th Birthday

Arayn's Graduation

Barrios Wedding

Galaxy's Sweet 16

Chapman U yatch MBAA & FSA


REBF Gala 2016

Adventist Holiday Party 2015


DusitD2 Constance Hotel


Chapman University MBAA-FSA


HMS Holiday Party


Clinkenbeard Wedding


Roosevelt Class of 1995


Glen Park 25th Anniversary


Gaspar and Julita Anniversary


Autumn and Nick Wedding


LASD Ladies Night Out (St. Jude Benefit)


Yatza and Michael Wedding


Alana's Birthday


Jeremy II


Melanie Stoner


Rideshare week 2015


Kristin and Dennis Wedding


17th Annual Tequila Tasting at El Portal Pasadena


Aurora's Birthday

Aurora's Photo Booth


Brandi and Fernando Wedding


World Games:  Special Olympics 


Naomi Santos


Trenesa Smith


Londyn McStuffins


Daniel and Elena Wedding


Tennenbaum Family Tech HS


Dr. Sam Aquino


Evelyn Asucion


Madelyne Paola


USMC Valle


Erik Beasley


Sarah Flores


Joshua Galvez


Adventist Health Services (Photo Booth)

Adventist Health Services (Christmas photo)


Alyssa's 12th Birthday


Hathaway-Sycamore Family Services


Andrea's Quinceanera


Kayla and Danielle's 15th Birthday


Zaiden's 1st Birthday


Alana's 5th Birthday


Marlisse's 30th Birthday

Jeremy Zazueta-Ruiz


Alexsandra's Going Away

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